Labor tips to help you during your first pregnancy

The female body and mind undergo major changes during pregnancy. As you learn to master the art of managing yourself, labor begins to approach. This is an anxious as well as exciting moment for any mother. You are dying to take your little one in your arms and at the same time you are dreading the pain of child birth. To lessen your worry, we have come up with smart labor tips for you.

Stages of Labor:

Before we share our tips with you, it is essential that you have a fair knowledge about the stages of labor. Otherwise, each time you have a contraction, you’ll run to the hospital assuming you are in labor.

  • Early Labor- This is the stage when the cervix commences to dilate and the mother experiences irregular and mild contractions.
  • Active Labor- The contractions become stronger in this stage, but you should not push the baby.
  • Delivery- With the cervix dilated perfectly, you are ready to push and deliver the baby.
  • Placenta Delivery- This is the ultimate stage of labor. This is less painful and comparatively relaxing as opposed to the prior stages.

Wise tips to ease your labor:

Now that you have learnt about the stages of labor, here are some great tips for you to remember when you are in labor:

  1. Join a class- If it is your first time, everything is new to you. Joining a birthing class will be a good way of preparing yourself, mentally and physically. You’ll also get to interact and bond with other expecting mothers like you in your class.
  2. Be prepared- The most important tip that anyone can give you is to be educated, prepared, and observant. As opposed to what we see in movies, only 15% of pregnant women experience water break. One way of knowing you are ready is by timing your contractions once you start having them. Also, talk to your gynecologist regarding hospital admittance to avoid stress in the eleventh hour.
  3. Remain positive- Eliminating negativity and staying positive does wonders for pain management and stress. So, train the mind accordingly and you will have lesser complications.

Learn some tricks that work like magic:

There are hundreds of books in the market that speak about how to manage your labor. While different tricks prove beneficial for different women, there is no harm in familiarizing yourself with some excellent tips. This way, when the time finally comes, you’ll be ready with a list of tricks to try and find out which one works for you. Doing these things will also take your mind off the unbearable pain:

  • Prepare a playlist with your most favorite songs
  • Keep changing positions like sitting, squatting, walking etc.
  • Ask your partner to give you a massage
  • Practice some breathing techniques that reduce pain effectively
  • Instead of screaming, moaning gives relief from pain
  • Find any other distraction that will work for you


Always remember that the moment you hold your baby in your arms, you’ll forget all about your labor pain.

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