Precautions for Pregnant Women: Say ‘No’ to Alcohol

If you decide to become a mother, you have to be careful about what you drink or eat, as well as your choice of medicines. Alcohol is something that can be extremely harmful for the fetus in your womb. We will tell you all about alcohol’s effects on pregnancy.

When should you stop drinking alcohol?

The best decision will be to quit drinking even when you try to make the baby. Do not wait for the doctor to announce that you are pregnant. Quitting beforehand will ensure that your baby is completely safe from the ill-effects of alcohol. The same theory applies for smokers too. For mothers who breastfeed, staying away from such addictions as long as you breastfeed would be a wise decision.

To what extent is it safe to drink alcohol when you are expecting?

Whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning a baby, the best option is not smoking and drinking as you do not want any complications.

How much alcohol you consume obviously matters. The more alcohol is there is your blood the more risks are there for your baby. As per experts, there is no safe level in this regard and therefore, it is better not to take chances.

What can alcohol do to your unborn baby?

If you consume drinks containing alcohol, it passes via your blood to the baby in the womb. It can have adverse effects on the development of your baby’s spinal cord, brain, and other vital organs.

It is during the first trimester that the organs of a baby develop. So, during this time, alcohol consumption can pose the greatest threats to your baby’s growth. However, this doesn’t mean drinking alcohol during the third or first trimester is safe.

Tips for avoiding alcohol after you are pregnant:

Here are some tips for avoiding drinking in social situations:

  • If you have the habit of drinking, avoid keeping alcohol at home. Now is the time to keep all sorts of healthy foods in your refrigerator.
  • Relaxing activities such as reading a good book, watching an interesting movie, meditating, going for an evening walk, spending romantic time with your spouse etc. will keep your mind away from alcohol.
  • If you have not announced the news of your pregnancy in your workplace or other social groups and people force you to drink during parties, find out other convincing excuses. For instance, you can say that you’ll have to drive or that you do not feel well.
  • If you have cravings for alcohol, seek help from your doctor to help you quit drinking. You can also seek support from friends and family.


If you are pregnant, you do not need to sit at home all the time. You can attend parties and social gatherings. All you need to do is switch to non-alcoholic beverages and have fun without causing any harm to your baby. Once you develop the habit of drinking fruit juices you’ll find out that they taste quite good.

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