All You Need to Know about Postpartum Fitness

Motherhood can be an overwhelming experience. Starting from feeding the baby on time to changing the diapers – it leads the mommy into a sleep-deprived state. All this can cause extreme anxiety for the mommy and lead towards many other problems. In order to stay fit after giving birth, the mommy needs to take on a proper exercising schedule to take care of the health. Here is a list of tips for new mommies to get started on their fitness journey-

  • Go slow:

Typically, it is pragmatic and wise to wait at least a minimum six weeks before starting with the exercises. In case of simple normal birth, mommies can start light exercises after few days. In case of C-section, one needs to take the advice from the doctor on this. However, in both cases, it is necessary to take the schedule slow at first. Starting with a hardcore fitness routine might affect the body in a negative way.

  • Stay low key:

High intensity workout sessions just after giving birth might be a wrong choice. During the pregnancy the body goes through a lot of changes. Even after giving birth, the body still tries to cope up with all those changes. Starting big before the body is ready to adjust to all that can be harmful indeed. One should start with light exercises like walking, jogging, stretching etc.

  • Strengthen the core:

The pelvic floor and the core of the body become weak after giving birth. Due to this, many mommies face various difficulties with the muscles. They may suffer from pelvic organ prolapse and diastasis recti as well. That is why; focusing on building the strength of the pelvic floor should be the first priority. There are some specially designed pelvic floor exercises for this purpose starting from Kegel exercises.

  • Listen to the body:

After giving birth the body takes time to heal from the tremendous physical and emotional changes. During this period, it is necessary to listen to the requirements of the body and act according to them. One should pay attention to whether or not the new exercises are suitable for the body.

  • Special fitness options for new mommies:

After working on building the strength, the mommies might take up some other exercises when the body is ready.

  • Barre classes:

Barre exercises combine a method of Pilates, ballet and yoga to build the strength of the body and tone it up a little bit.

  • Gentle Yoga:

Although not all the yogas are for new mommies there are few selected yoga one can try to stay fit after giving birth. Yin and restorative yoga are especially effective for the new mommies.

  • Water aerobics:

Water aerobics along with aqua walking are light workout options for new mommies. These are extremely good to build up the endurance of the body. They work exceptionally good as cardiovascular exercises.


To sum up, staying fit after giving birth is extremely important because the health of the baby always depends on the mommy. However, one should consult a doctor and a proper instructor before taking up anything new.

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