How to handle a newborn baby for new parents

When it comes to taking care of your baby who is just a few days old, you do not want to take any chances. You want to do everything right to ensure that your baby does not face any trouble adjusting outside the mother’s womb. So, if you feel you have no idea on how to handle a baby, you are not alone in this. All new parents go through this phase for the first few days. But, just like you have managed pregnancy, labor pain, and delivery, you’ll learn this too.

Here are some tips for beginners to reduce nervousness and give confidence about dealing with a newborn:

Handling a Newborn:

  • Wash hands- Always use a sanitizer or wash hands with hand-wash before you hold the baby. As the immune system of newborns is not strong, they are at a greater risk of getting infected. So, do not let anyone coming to visit you touch the baby without washing hands.
  • Never shake the baby- Let us warn you that never shake a baby as it can lead to bleeding in the baby’s brain. If you want the baby to wake up, blow gently on one cheek or tickle its feet instead of shaking.
  • Support the neck and head- Each time you take your little one in your arms, do not forget to cradle its head to avoid breakage. Always give support to the neck and head whenever you pick your baby up or lay it down.
  • Always handle delicately- You have to keep in mind that your baby is still delicate and not at all ready for rough games. So, jiggling on your knee or being thrown up in the air is not fun for newborns.

Bonding and soothing

Bonding is the most pleasurable area of newborn care. It takes place in the first few hours after the baby is born when parents make a connection with their baby. Physical closeness results in an emotional connection. So, both you and your spouse need to cradle the infant and enjoy “skin-to-skin-holding” while cradling or feeding.

Babies also like vocal sounds like babbling, cooing, talking, and singing. You can take help of musical mobiles and baby rattles to stimulate your baby’s hearing.

All you need to learn about diapering

Before diapering, make sure you are ready with the following supplies:

  1. A clean diaper
  2. Diaper ointment
  3. Diaper wipes

To prevent diaper rashes:

  • Change the diaper often
  • Clean the area with lukewarm water and mild soap
  • Give chance to the soft skin to air out for some hours each day

Bathing basics for new parents:

  • Give a sponge bath to the baby two/three times per week
  • Always use warm water
  • Handle the umbilical cord with care
  • Use mild, unscented shampoo and soap


We have tried to cover all significant areas of baby care for newborns. You still might have several questions and in that case, it is always better to consult your doctor.

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