Fitness Exercises the Mommy and the Baby can do together

Being a new mother can be overwhelming. The mommy needs to take care of everything- from feeding the baby to putting it to sleep. During this time it is difficult to make time for oneself. In order to take proper care of the baby, it is absolutely necessary for the mommy to stay fit and healthy. There is nothing better than exercising in order to stay fit. Here are some fitness exercises that the mommy and the baby can do together. This will on one hand keep the mommy fit, on the other a little bit of exercise is great for the health of the baby as well.

  • Dance a bit:

This is something the baby is bound to enjoy a lot. In this exercise named baby dancing, the mommy needs to hold the baby closely to the body. The mommy should support the head of the baby. One can use a carrier as well which could be fitted around the shoulder or waist. That’s what it takes to get ready for this exercise. One needs to put some good music and start dancing. One can mix up slow and fast music to take time for breathing. Dancing is exceptionally good as a cardiovascular exercise. It also helps the baby to get coordinated and learn how to balance.

  • Curl up:

The mommy needs to lie on the back and place the baby on the pubic bone. One needs to hold the baby securely under the arms and start lifting the head towards the baby. This exercise is extremely good for the mommy for the chest and back muscles and to tone up the body. On the other hand the baby learns to coordinate with the mother in this way.

  • Baby Overhead press:

The mommy needs to sit crossing the legs and hold the baby with elbows bent. Then the mommy lifts the baby, pauses and takes the baby down to the previous position. This is good for the back muscles, shoulders and biceps. The baby enjoys this too so it is great for lifting the mood of the baby up.

  • Lunges:

Mommy stands straight while holding the baby close. Then the mommy needs to take steps forward and backward while bending the knees to ninety degrees. This helps the mommy tone up the quadriceps, buttocks and calves.

  • Bench Press:

The mommy needs to lie straight on the back with the knees in a bending position. In this exercise the mommy holds the baby and brings close to the chest slowly. Then the mommy lowers the baby and repeats the movements after a pause. This is good for the abs especially.


Exercising with the baby is helpful to start making a connection with the baby. However, one needs to make sure of certain things before starting with these exercises-

  • The baby can hold the head on the own.
  • The baby is at least three to four months old.

These are necessary to ensure the baby’s safety. Finally, it is always good to consult the doctor before getting started.

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