Exercises for the Baby to Gain Strength and Stay Fit

Exercises for the babies might seem a bit odd but they are not. In fact, it is necessary to get the baby work out a little bit to develop the muscles of the body over time. The strength of the muscles is necessary for the baby to hold up the head, roll over and start walking with time. Here are few exercises for the newborn that might be helpful to grow the baby faster and stronger-

  • Tummy trick:

For the major part of the day, the baby lies on the back. Although that is pretty normal it might not be good for the baby to gain strength of the muscle. Lying on the tummy is immensely helpful in order to make the back muscles stronger along with the muscles of the neck, stomach, arms and shoulders. This is an exercise that the parents can start doing with their baby from the very first week. One should start with little time duration at first and the time will get longer as the baby grows. According to many pediatricians, it is a good idea for the parents to take part in this exercise with the baby. In this way, the baby starts to enjoy it and gets involved in various activities like kicking, throwing etc.

  • Sit-ups:

In this exercise, the mommy, daddy or the caregiver pulls the baby into a sitting posture. This exercise is excellent for strengthening the muscles of the shoulders, back and arms. In this way, the baby starts to learn how to balance the body as well. However, this exercise should not get done unless the baby is at least six weeks old. In the beginning it is natural that the baby will only go couple of inches when the mommy makes the pull. However, with time the baby will get better at this.

  • Bicycling:

This one involves the mommy bicycling the baby’s legs forward and backward for a couple of times. The baby lies on the back during this. One should start doing this after the baby is a couple of weeks old. It should be done from three to five times with breaks in between. The best way to get the baby involved in this exercise is to make eye contact, smile and making sounds. In this way, the baby starts pedaling automatically after a certain period of time. This exercise is immensely helpful to push the air out of the baby’s system or to relieve the gas out of the baby’s body.

  • Weight Lifting:

This exercise can be done only when the baby is at least three to four months old. The parents need to demonstrate the baby how to pick anything up and make her play in this way. Lifting things up can help build the ability of the baby to grasp anything. It helps to make the muscles on the arms and the shoulder stronger too.

To sum up, exercising helps the baby to gain strength. On the other hand, it is always good to start a habit of exercising from the very beginning.

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