Lifestyle tips to balance a newborn baby and work post delivery

For new parents, balancing between work and a baby seems to be the most impossible and intimidating task. It is normal to feel overburdened and exhausted all the time. All working moms feel stressed as their maternity leave ends.

You feel excited about going back to your workplace. But, at the same time, you feel guilty and sad leaving your newborn baby at home. Also, juggling the duties of a family and a job is not at all easy. What you need is persistence and proper planning to balance the two in a way that works for you and your baby.

How to balance between motherhood and professionalism?

  1. Share responsibilities with your partner- In order to avoid chaos, maintain a calendar to keep track of your and your partner’s appointments and work schedules. This way, each time you look at the calendar, you know who is supposed to take care of the baby at that time.
  2. Utilize the morning time- You need to go to bed on time and wake up early to perform your household chores in a systematic manner. There are so many things you need to look after before leaving for work like preparing bottles, packing your child’s daycare bag, packing your bag, showering etc. Creating a morning routine will help you run the morning smoothly without fumbling around.
  3. Take help of an elderly parent- Having your parents or your spouse’s parents to help you raise a kid will be a great help. Moreover, kids love spending time with grandparents and share a special bond with them.
  4. Hire a babysitter- If you do not have a family member to babysit your kid while you are at work, you can appoint a babysitter from a reputable organization.

This was all about managing the house without having to compromise with your work. Now, let us find out how to make things click at the workplace.

Get support at your work place:

It is essential to have an honest and open relationship with your boss so that you do not lose your mental peace. Here are some pro tips:

  1. Know all about leaves- Leave policies are different for each work place. So, find out from your employer about the company’s policies regarding sick leaves, personal leaves, unpaid leaves, and maternal leaves.
  2. Ask about emergency situations- Once you get back to work, ask your boss if you can get flexible work hours in times of emergency. For instance, can you work from home if your babysitter is on leave? Can you leave office for two hours when you have an appointment with your baby’s doctor? Talking clearly about these things will help you manage things properly.


Hope the abovementioned helpful tips help you establish and maintain a balance between your baby and your job. Remember that this phase is tiresome and frustrating, but this too shall pass. In a few years your little one will not be dependent on you anymore and become your best friend.

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