How to Stay Healthy Tips for Expecting Moms

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases in anyone’s life- be it a soon to be mommy or daddy. In order to welcome the new member of this planet in the perfect way, the expecting mom should be extra cautious of her health and of the baby. Here are few tips, which might come handy to stay healthy during pregnancy-

  • Eat, eat and eat:

Maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy is one of the most important things to keep in mind. During pregnancy one needs to eat for two rather than for just one. Generally, women who are expecting need to take at least three hundred calories every day during the last 180 days of pregnancy. Only eating is not enough. One needs to be aware of the fact whether the food has all the necessary nutrients or not.

  • Say yes to vitamins:

Eating is not enough always. During pregnancy most women suffer from lack of vitamins like folic acid, iron etc. Iron, for instance, is extremely important during pregnancy, as it is the carrier of oxygen in the mommy and baby’s blood. Folic acid on the other hand, prevents many physical abnormalities related to the brain and the spinal cord. Although there is nothing one cannot get from a healthy mommy’s special diet, sometimes taking these minerals as supplementsis a safe choice.

  • Date your doctor:

Doctor should be the best friend during pregnancy. Seeing one doctor from the beginning of the pregnancy is extremely helpful for it helps the doctor to get the overview of the mommy and of the several developments during the pregnancy. One needs to be aware of any abnormalities starting from loss of appetite, morning sickness to abnormal vaginal leakage and should consult the doctor immediately in every case.

  • Stay aware of the “not to do” list:

Being aware about what to do is not enough. There are several things one should keep at check to stay healthy when expecting. Saying no to alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes is a must for expecting women. These things can lead to several birth complexities and abnormalities in the baby. That is why; by avoiding these things one can prevent the baby from many major risks. Apart from these one needs to avoid doing heavy household chores, cleaning pet litters and many other little things.

  • Drink water:

Drinking enough water is as important as eating during pregnancy. Enough water intakes on a regular basis might help reduce many complications like constipation, sweating etc. Lack of enough water might lead to premature birth as well. That is why; staying hydrated is a must.

  • Physical activities:

A little twenty minutes exercise on an every day basis is extremely healthy during pregnancy. Exercising helps keep the heart and bones strong and healthy. However, one needs to be aware of not doing any exercise that might hurt the belly and the baby. Heavy exercises are also harmful.

When it comes to pregnancy there is no ending to this list of how to stay healthy. However, one might start with these simple yet effective steps.

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