Foods and beverages expecting mothers should avoid

Expecting mothers often get advices on what foods to eat to give birth to a healthy baby. For instance, it is better to have freshly made food instead of food kept in the refrigerator. But, how many of us know what foods pregnant women need to avoid as they might cause harm to the baby in the womb. Let us find out which foods mothers must not include in their diets:

Foods that can have adverse effects on the baby’s health:

  1. Partially cooked or raw eggs

Always make sure that eggs are properly fried or boiled so that the yolks and whites are solid. This minimizes chances of salmonella poisoning. Also, never use dirty or cracked eggs in cooking.

  1. Liver products

Avoid eating liver and liver products like liver sausage or liver pate for these few months. The reason behind this is that liver products are rich in Vitamin A. Excess intake of Vitamin A is not good for the baby.

  1. Peanuts

If you want to eat peanut and peanut products like peanut butter, it is better to consult your doctor. As peanut proves to be allergic to many people during their pregnancies, try not to eat them daily.

  1. Alcohol

Always stay away from alcoholic beverages once you decide you are ready to become a mother. Whether you are pregnant, planning your pregnancy or breastfeeding, the safest option for your baby would be to quit drinking. If you find it hard to resist initially, do not keep alcohol at home and avoid attending such parties with drinks.

  1. Foods having soil

Do you feel lazy while washing fruits and vegetables? No matter how clean and fresh the vegetables look, they have soil particles and pesticides on them. It is extremely essential to rinse vegetables for some minutes in running water to remove dirt particles and soil. Also, cook them well in high heat before consuming.

  1. Caffeine

High caffeine levels in the body of the mother increase the chances of miscarriage or can make the pregnancy a critical one. In this matter, let us warn you that caffeine is present not only in coffee but in several other products like chocolate, energy drinks, cold and flu medicines, tea and soft drinks. We do not expect you to stop intake of caffeine completely, but do it in moderation.

  1. Unpasteurised milk

If you want to drink milk, boil it well. Never drink unpasteurized sheep’s or goat’s milk for avoiding contamination. Soft ice-creams also contain unpasteurized milk.

  1. Seafoods

Do not order chilled seafood like raw oysters, sushi, sashimi, prawn and raw shellfish to prevent listeria contamination.

  1. Undercooked meat

Protein is necessary both for the mother and the baby and meat is a good source of protein. However, do not order meat from restaurants and try to cook it well at home with less oil and spices.


Giving birth to a healthy body is the main priority of any expecting parents. So, choose your food wisely, maintain a diet chart and research well on what not to eat.

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