Best foods for lactating mothers for increasing breast milk

Breast milk is the only food of a baby in its initial months. Sufficient supply of breast milk is a must to fulfill your baby’s daily requirements. If you are a new mom, we understand that you want nothing but the best for your little one. While some mothers have no problem breastfeeding, some experience insufficient supply of milk from time to time. Let us find out which foods have positive effects on breast milk production.

Foods that enhance supply of breast milk

  1. Fenugreek seeds- Fenugreek seeds are popular worldwide for increasing production of breast milk. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids necessary for the brain development of the baby. You can add these seeds to tea, rotis, or savory dishes.
  2. Garlic- Studies have revealed that garlic improves lactation. However, eat it in moderation as excessive consumption can affect the smell and taste of your breast milk.
  3. Cumin seeds- Cumin seeds aid digestion, cure bloating and acidity, relieve constipation, and help with lactation. To get maximum benefits, soak them overnight and drink that water in the morning.
  4. Holy basil- Generations of lactating mothers have been using holy basil, commonly known as tulsi. It does not just aid you in milk production but also has a calming effect on the mind and body. Most homes have a tulsi tree for its medicinal and religious values. One easy way of having holy basil regularly is by boiling few washed leaves with tea.
  5. Carrots- Carrots contain Vitamin A, a vitamin known to better the quantity of milk produced. They are easily available throughout the year. Eat them raw in the form of juice or salad along with your breakfast.
  6. Brown rice- You should definitely include brown rice in your postpartum diet. It positively impacts lactation and also results in stimulation of hormones responsible for production of milk. It is also a great source of energy for the mother.
  7. Barley- Barley keeps the mother hydrated and boosts lactation. You can use barley grains in making salads or soak them in warm water and keep it overnight.
  8. Oatmeal- Most nutritionists recommend oatmeal to mothers who breastfeed. It also has other benefits such as controlling diabetes and strengthening the digestive system. You can eat oat cookies or have oats with milk for breakfast.
  9. Salmon- If you can get fresh salmon in your city, nothing like that. It increases the nutrients in the milk as well as the quantity of it. Salmon always tastes great, whether it is steamed, friend, or grilled.
  10. Almonds- You can also have almonds on a daily basis to get better supply of breast milk. They have several other health benefits.
  11. Water- Most of us often forget that remaining hydrated is a must for improving milk production. So, drink sufficient amount of water daily.


The diet of a new mother is of supreme importance for both the mother and the baby’s health. Home remedies work great but it always better to plan the postpartum diet with the help of a doctor.

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