Best tips to get back in shape after your delivery

During pregnancy the body of the mommy goes through a lot of changes. After giving birth, the body does not go back to the pre pregnancy phase as well. The old jeans don’t fit, one picks up a lot of weight and the shape of the body totally goes to waste. After adjusting to the needs of the newborn, typically all the mommies want to go back to their previous fitness zone and shape. The task is not easy because the body goes through a lot during pregnancy. Here are the best tips to help mommies get back in their shape.

  • Have adequate nutrients:

A healthy diet consists of foods from all the groups- starting from fruits, grains, and vegetables to protein and fat. Eating variety of nutrients is the best way to keep the diet balanced and get the metabolism of the body working. That is the best way of losing weight rather than only focusing on the calories.

  • Eat healthy snacks:

Eating heavy at one time is a big no if the new mommy is trying to lose weight. Dividing the food intake into four to five groups work on the favor of body metabolism process. Snacks like unsalted nuts, fresh fruits and yogurt are good options for new mommies.

  • Keep an eye on the portion size:

In order to do this, maintaining a food diary is a good idea. That might be helpful in determining the intake of food in the body.

  • Get a hold on the cravings:

There are always some healthy alternatives of the foods you are craving. Fruits like banana and veggies such as sweet potato might be good options when craving for something sweet.

  • Big no to skipping meals:

A standard and healthy diet doesn’t involve skipping meals. In fact, it makes the metabolism slow and might negatively effect the plan of weight loss the mommy have in the mind. On the other hand, it is always advised that the mommy takes enough amount of food for the sake of the baby.

  • Stay hydrated:

Adequate water intake not only helps in the metabolism process of the body but it also helps in the production of the breast milk. That is why; this is extremely important for the new mommies.

  • Say no to alcohol:

True, it might come to the mind of the mommy to start drinking alcohol after the long no alcohol period during pregnancy. However, this is a very bad idea for mommies who are breast-feeding and who want to lose weight. On one hand, drinking alcohol is extremely harmful for the baby’s health; on the other, consumption of alcohol is responsible for gaining weight.

  • Homemade food is the best option:

Not only homemade food is hygienic but also they can get customized as per the wish. That is why; this is a best choice for the mommies.


However, before taking up on any plan of losing weight the mommy should consult the doctor for the baby’s health. Typically one needs to weight at least two months and give the body time to heal.

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